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Hannah Irfan Siddiqui
Founder and Managing Principal

Hannah Siddiqui is a certified Diversity, Equity & Inclusion expert and strategist for Organizational Cultural Transformation. With a strong background and vast experience in sensitivity training and corporate capacity building programs, Siddiqui has worked in the Middle East, South Asia, APAC and Western Europe. Her current research focuses on DE&I policies and practices and their impact within the UAE working environment.

At KDC she puts her passion and experience for DE&I to work by helping clients develop curated corporate initiatives to achieve their vision of DE&I through cultural transformation. The strategies designed at KDC are focused on both human-centric design techniques as well as structural and operational mechanisms that ensure a sustainable DE&I implementation journey for our clients.

Siddiqui, has over 20+ years of international work experience and a background in corporate legal practice and international trade law. Her special academic interest lies in gender equity issues and the rights of under-represented groups.

Honorary Advisory Team

Dina Al Natour, Creative Director

Senior Graphic Designer and Arab Content Creator

Magdalena Karolak, Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Scholar and Expert on Gulf Societies

Marta Wieczorek, Ph.D.

Cultural Anthropologist and Gender Equity Expert


Gergana AlZeer, Ph.D.

Expert on Gender Spatial Needs in the Middle East

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