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Employer Branding  is about shaping your own DE&I story.

clear DE&I Vision, Mission & Values boosts your reputation as a industry leader and advocate in the DE&I space and solidifies your employer of choice positioning amongst your target talent pool.

Articulating your DE&I values provides direction to leadership about your organizational commitment to employee empowerment, developing strong leaders and executing meaningful change. 


KDC will help you clarify and articulate your organizations unique DEI values and vision. Your organizations DEI Vision guides your team on this transformation journey.


A formal DEI Value Statement is the global messaging of your brand to your external network giving you an edge over industry peers to attract the best talent and be an employer of choice.


Through a specifically designed capacity building program KDC engages key stakeholders within your organization to equip them with knowledge and buy-in on the business case for a DEI transformation and practical steps towards meaningful allyship.


For a change management initiative to be successful businesses need to have leadership and management on-board supporting the transformation process.


KDC works in close collaboration with regional and international experts in DEI and related fields. Coordinating initiatives and programs to help deliver the latest and best DEI solutions and strategies based on expertise and research.

We provide our clients access to subject experts and thought leaders in the DEI space for events, trainings, keynote speeches, panel contributions etc.

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